Maintanenace Package

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Maintanenace Package CFM Basic CFM Plus CFM Elite
Preventive Maintenance of A/C Units
Preventive Maintenance of Fixed Electrical Fittings
Preventive Maintenance of Plumbing Units
Preventive Maintenance of Water Pumps & Motors Etc.
Cleaning & Unblocking of Roof Drains
Cleaning of Water Tank
Repair of Fixed Wood Works
Repair of External Doors and Windows(Aluminium and PVC)
Repair of Minor Masonry Works- Minor Grouting, Sealant, Tiles, Etc.
Pest Control - Internal & External
Cleaning of External Paved Yards
Cleaning of Windows - External
Cleaning of External Lights
Cleaning of Kitchen Extractor Hoods/Fans
Façade Washing
Deep Cleaning of Kitchen
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